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Jesus H. Christ, people, if…  §

Jesus H. Christ, people, if you’re not used to driving in the city, don’t venture out in your shitty Americamobile now, in the middle of the shopping season. That’s what leads to the kinds of smash-ups we’ve seen in the central business district last couple of days… a lot of people who never drive downtown because they’re terrified of it are now crawling around, signal-on, signal-off, OhShit!ing in bumper-to-bumper traffic, cutting everyone off, wandering into oncoming traffic, driving on the tracks (oops!) and any number of other offenses.

For God’s sake, if you don’t know how to drive in traffic, take a fscking taxi or the train into town to finish your holiday shopping, okay? I mean, that way you’re safe and I’m safe too!

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