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Conservatives. What a hypocritical lot….  §

Conservatives. What a hypocritical lot. While we liberals are out there trying to feed and clothe the poor and educate the children, the conservatives are busy looking for the next scapegoat to lynch. Who will it be this time? A gay? A Muslim? A woman? A poor person? Kill ’em all, that’s the way to reduce the crime rate and pad my bank account so that I can afford that yacht! Anyway, Jesus didn’t make no fscking darkies, those were all made by the Jews and by Satan!

Meanwhile, the liberals, the accused atheist antichrists of the left, are more “Christian” than the conservatives themselves. While we’re trying to fix things, the conservatives spend their time wishing nearly everyone ill, collecting guns, stealing from the poor and drooling over blood while they lay in wait for the next Texas Death Row human sacrifice.

And while we’re on the subject, why are we calling people “blacks” all the time? He’s “a black” and she’s “a black” and they’re “all blacks” and so on… Jesus, is it that hard to add one extra word and say “a black person” or “this policy is supported by black people” rather than dehumanizing a whole segment of the population?

Hmm… maybe I’m fed up tonight.

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