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Recent events (which I won’t…  §

Recent events (which I won’t discuss in detail here) have led me to the realization that I have been too forgiving of the whims of conservatives and too tolerant of their “individual beliefs.” Conservatism must be smashed wherever it occurs; it represents a material danger to the lives of common people everywhere. It is perhaps the biggest sin against humanity and the biggest danger to our future.

So-called “Christian conservatism” is likely most dangerous of all, because it doesn’t even claim to have any basis in pragmatism or necessity. It simply dispenses with rhyme and reason, sanity and individual rights altogether, purely in pursuit of dogma. It calls evidence myth, calls myth evidence, calls real science fiction and the fiction of scripture science. Through it all, the minds and lives of young people are being devastated as conservatism removes both freedom of thought and freedom of action and replaces them with force and terror. If this is what “Christ” wants, then “Christ” is a child abuser and a sadist.

The study of politics and religion in other cultures is interesting, academic and at times quaint. The study of politics and religion in one’s own culture can be truly disturbing.

Smash the right!

Smash the right!

Smash the right.

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