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Just got off the phone…  §

Just got off the phone with Embark, who handles admissions from Rackham at Michigan. It is official: the applications to the “big five” schools on my list — Columbia, Michigan, Chicago, NYU and Berkeley — have been submitted, paid for (*sob*) and received. That leaves a series of four (or maybe five, I haven’t yet decided on that one) “less big” schools to be completed.

Meanwhile, the push is now on to get funding. One set of applications and essays and other miscellaneous crap down, one much larger set of same to go.

Also working on getting some employment so that I don’t run out of money before summer. Time to pound the pavement with NWU and a couple of other organizations to land some freelance work.

I guess it’s always one thing after another in life… I’ve been working on preparing for and then finally submitting the grad school applications for so long that I sort of had that pegged as the “big thing” in my life, after which would come nirvana. Not the case! Now that the school applications are nearing completion, other stuff is looming large. As a teenager I never anticipated I’d be one of the “busy people” in life, but it seems that’s what it’s come to.

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