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I just read a book…  §

I just read a book review which slammed Cornel West for being out of touch with modern life. The reviewer is from San Francisco, and said that his day-to-day experiences do not jive with West’s descriptions. As someone living in Utah who is very familiar with San Francisco as well, I find the reviewer’s comments to be absurd and obviously uninformed.

East-coast and west-coast dwellers have no idea just how racist, how isolated, and how quaint even major metropolitan areas can be away from the diversity of the coastal cities. I live in a place where it isn’t uncommon to hear about “the sex-crazed communists in San Francisco and New York” when referring to the general population of these cities. For anyone from these areas who hasn’t bothered to visit our “middle America,” you might be surprised at the degree to which you are hated, even as an average Joe, in the states in which black people are still at times referred to as “Negroes” and “foreigners.”

I also read a review of the Dalai Lama’s Ethics for the New Millennium in which the reviewer called the Dalai Lama a naive buffoon for failing to understand the degree to which America’s nuclear arsenal has been responsible for and will continue to be responsible for both world peace and feeding the poor through decades past and for decades to come.

I am shocked that someone exists who could actually write such things, though given what I’ve said in paragraphs which precede this one immediately I suppose I shouldn’t be…

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