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I’ve linked to this before…  §

I’ve linked to this before but I’m going to link to it again, more prominently this time. There are a lot of people out there who think they know where their political affiliation lies. You may think so as well. But are you correct, or have you been voting for the wrong party for years?

The Political Compass, a neutral measurement of your social and economic political tendencies, can tell you. After answering a few questions anonymously, you’ll get a graph like this one:

The point? The old left-right dichotomous scale that the media likes to use for political issues is practically worthless because it leads to mistaken assumptions — for example, that all union members are also environmentalists and gay-rights supporters (not true), or that all free-market advocates are also pro-lifers (also not true). These misconceptions are likely the result of a simplistic public forum acting in a two-party state. (Your authoritarian/libertarian score will not necessarily be 0.00 like mine was; apparently I got lucky…)

Find out where your beliefs put you and let’s get rid of this Republican vs. Democrat shit that no one really believes in any longer.

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