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To everybody… but especially those…  §

To everybody… but especially those who might need to contact me: e-mail is pretty much the only contact method that is going to work for a long time to come. In addition to my work at eBay, I have found a full-time collaboration with F/X Communications. This means that I am otherwise occupied (not counting travel, eating or sleeping time) for 17 hours a day. Once you consider travel and eating times, I am getting about four hours of sleep. The chances that I will give any of these hours to you are very small! Yes, I am working weekends as well. The point? If I’m not contacting people a lot, I’m sorry. Please feel free to e-mail me.

In fact, other than e-mail, it is likely that I will be largely unreachable to my Utah acquaintances from now on, assuming these arrangements continue to work out. The F/X project will eventually end, but shortly thereafter I will be off to China and Russia. When I return, I will likely be in Utah for a week or less before moving out of the state for school.

In fact, it’s funny… I have a free moment so I’ve just been calling everyone. I decided that in the grand scheme of things, it’s better to wake a few people up and at least say ‘hello’ while I have a free moment just now, than to let them think I’m ignoring them for the rest of the century. But maybe I’m wrong. Oh well.

I have to hit the sack now. Work in a few short hours.

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