Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I am continually touched by…  §

I am continually touched by the incredible diversity and color of the world in which we live, from the cold, soulful femininity of urban concrete to the jovial, relaxed ethos of the palm tress of the tropical regions. I can’t bear to think about leaving any of it behind before tasting all of it, before making all of it a part of myself.

I don’t stop very long to wonder about how close I feel to some of the artists of the past who have left us now—Bob Marley or John Lennon among them–and I don’t know exactly what my place in the world would have been had I managed to do my parents’ and counselors’ bidding all those years ago and actually “fulfill my potential…”

But I can say that at this moment I am not ready to move on yet, having missed a good portion of “The Experience” and wanting to miss nothing, considering the beauty and depth of it all.

I hope the chance and the road will continue to be mine.

If not, read this as my lament.

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