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So I’m listening to Larry…  §

So I’m listening to Larry King before I go to work. There are some ex-military brass on the panel who are explaining that part of the reason that the war isn’t going as planned is the fact that some Iraqis are showing patriotism, something that the American planners had not expected. Shockingly, some Iraqis would rather live under a corrupt Iraqi regime than under an invading army of foreigners.

I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this. I mean, the gall of these Iraqis… Nobody who is an unAmerican has the right to be patriotic about any unAmerican place. We all know that. It’s been explained to us time and time again by Bush. Now I know we need to go in and kill them all, those damned uppity unjustifiably patriotic unAmericans.

Maybe Bush really is as stupid as everyone thought.

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