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Monthly Archives: April 2003

Peeve: those people who ceaselessly…  §

Peeve: those people who ceaselessly claim not to give a damn about you or about what you think, and who do it so vehemently that you begin to wonder if they will ever shut up about how very much they just don’t care.

I make good decisions. I trust myself. I have my own priorities. And I’m not going to sit here and talk about all of the things that I don’t care about. This Web diary, and indeed my entire life, are about the things that I do care about.

School is next on that list.

I will win this game called life.

Time marches on and decisions…  §

Time marches on and decisions are made… some consciously, some almost by default. Just a few short weeks until I will be moving to whatever school I eventually decide to attend. Right now it looks as though the decision has all but been made, but I don’t want to announce it just yet.

It’s all very bittersweet just now. It’s been a long time coming. I’m getting older. Some things have happened according to plan, some things haven’t. I’m leaving a lot behind. I don’t know exactly where I’ll be going. But it will be interesting.

News is trickling out that…  §

News is trickling out that SARS is widespread across the entirety of China, not just the southern provinces. They are taking anyone (foreign or domestic) who exhibits symptoms into custody and quarantining them, without consular or medical contact of any kind.

About the US: Do not be fooled by anyone who tries to sell you “moral clarity,” folks. Think about it, about the history of our human discourses on ethics and right versus wrong. “Moral clarity?” As easy as that? I think most people will eventually realize that anything as simple as “moral clarity” is really just another word for fascism.

It seems the wrong time…  §

It seems the wrong time to be traveling the world just now, at least if one wants to be able to claim to be a good global citizen of any kind. The authorities are busy asking people not to cross borders, not so much because they don’t want you to get SARS yourself, but because they don’t want you to carry it with you at all — to be an agent of exposure — from population to population.

There are thousands of people wiser and more educated than I who are working on this issue. I’m not a doctor or an epidemiologist. Who am I to argue? The Catholic church is stopping confessional. Nations are closing borders and quarantining citizens. Airlines are taking costly steps on a per-passenger basis. Everyone is working to reduce the amount of potentially infectious traffic.

Who am I to argue with all of this, to willingly act — even if only in a small way — to blunt the effects of these measures?

But of course, not everyone will agree with this logic. 🙁

Life sucks.

Stress. Lots of it. Decisions….  §

Stress. Lots of it. Decisions. Lots of them. Sleep? Very little of it. Mood? Not terribly good. Composure? Probably worse. A complete sentence? Out of the question! Whatever are you thinking… But nevermind, I must be moving on just now.