Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It seems the wrong time…  §

It seems the wrong time to be traveling the world just now, at least if one wants to be able to claim to be a good global citizen of any kind. The authorities are busy asking people not to cross borders, not so much because they don’t want you to get SARS yourself, but because they don’t want you to carry it with you at all — to be an agent of exposure — from population to population.

There are thousands of people wiser and more educated than I who are working on this issue. I’m not a doctor or an epidemiologist. Who am I to argue? The Catholic church is stopping confessional. Nations are closing borders and quarantining citizens. Airlines are taking costly steps on a per-passenger basis. Everyone is working to reduce the amount of potentially infectious traffic.

Who am I to argue with all of this, to willingly act — even if only in a small way — to blunt the effects of these measures?

But of course, not everyone will agree with this logic. 🙁

Life sucks.

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