Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It rained today. Not rained…  §

It rained today. Not rained like we usually get… not whimpering, barely moist desert-rain that is almost imperceptible even as it happens and doubly so once it’s gone…

It rained buckets. It rained inches. It rained cats and dogs. It was incredible. You could smell the plants saying thank you to the sky. If I’d had an environmentally sealed camera, I’d have gone out and taken some snaps.

I almost did anyway.

Judging by the neagativity in the Web diary as of late, I’ve been having a rough few months, probably since I began at eBay and on the overseas writing project.

I suppose in some sense I am justified in being grumpy. I got stiffed out of thousands of dollars for labor already delivered and hit with a with a “so sue me.” I haven’t yet. A major publishing project with my name on it went astray and became a somewhat frustrating exercise in problem solving. On of my best friends broke me because of an ethical position that I took. Somebody hit my car while it was parked, rendering it undrivable, and they didn’t even leave a “sorry” note much less an insurance policy. The cardbus slot in my PC stopped working, meaning no more DVDs and very slow storage; I won’t be able to afford a replacement for some time. And on and on.

It’s not that I think that my problems are worse than everyone elses… Far from it. I realize that life is tough and everyone is trying to get by. It’s just that these problems are mine. 🙁

Perhaps I need more rain to cleanse things a little.

We’ll see.

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