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I was watching CNN Presents…  §

I was watching CNN Presents and in it heard perhaps the most insightful argument I’ve heard in a long time. What the world currently faces is not a fight between Islamic Fundamentalism and “freedom.” What we face is a fight between Islamic Fundamentalism and American Fundamentalism.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with that phrase, to realize that you know what it means.

American Fundamentalism.

It is the new willingness to attribute to George Washington and his ilk, in their trinity of roles— that of white-man-warrior and slave owner, that of currency and capitalist face, and that of omniscient elder statesman– those same powers traditionally attributed to the Christ or to Allah. Supernatural powers. Omniscient moral authority.

You know you’ve seen it, when that car drives through your neighborhood… the one with no fewer than twenty U.S. flags attached to it, with the stickers on it that say “Liberals go to Hell” and “Sand Niggers Die of Thirst.” It is every bit as ugly as Osama Bin Laden’s vision for the world.

And whichever wins– Islamic or American fundamentalism– is perhaps the Great Satan of our time. Hopefull we’ll be able to forge a third option, an alternative. The only question is whether the adherents to both sects will be swayed, or whether they will continue on their gleeful marches of hate and death… leaving the rest of us to try and pick up the pieces of whatever is left…

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