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I’ve been listining to a local radio talk show, a host I actually respect (Doug Wright) even though his politics and mine don’t always match. Today a caller called in and mentioned the “Program for a New American Century” by Wolfowitz et. al. and Doug poo-poo’ed him and basically said it was a nutty conspiracy theory and said that he’d never heard of documents describing these things.

My heart sank, because it made me realize (yet again) that the Bush administration is so far right (as in Nazi party right) that most people simply don’t believe that they’re as bad as they are. Such things just don’t happen in America, as far as most are concerned.

PEOPLE! Go to your librarian and ask for a copy of the “Project for the New American Century” by Wolfowitz et. al. Read it. Read about this “possible” strategy for American supremacy that seeks to a) colonize the Middle East in order to re-gain financial control of its resources, b) minimize the political leverage of western Europe and the United Nations and c) guarantee long-term supremacy of the American military by pre-emptively removing any competing military that proposes to expand its capabilities beyond mere fundamental levels.

Understand what this program proposes and then look at the actions of the United States of America since Bush was elected, and at who’s in charge (Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) and realize that we are living this document now. After you’ve read the “Project for the New American Century” go back and read the now famous document on national defense strategy (read: preemption) released by the Bush Administration late last year.

We are living the “Program for a New American Century” right now, as we wage our “war on terrorism.” In terms of implementation, the two are nearly indistinguishable. You, kids, are living in the middle of the new Nazi regime, and the lovely postmodern irony bit is that it’s precisely because it’s so conspiritorial and so aggressive (i.e. so completely unbelievable) that it’s relatively little-known, even though the cabinet members themselves have written the compelling (and frightening) roadmap documents.

Gotta get outta here, folks.

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