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$80 billion spent already on…  §

$80 billion spent already on the current Iraq war. $87 billion more just requested by the president. Divide this $167 billion bill for the Iraq war among every man, woman and child in the US and you get over $800 per person for this war and its aftermath. Has it been worth it to you? Of course, this calculation is made before considering the fact that children and people below the poverty line don’t pay taxes.

How much are you going to pay thanks to Mr. Bush and his folly? I suppose for those that believed that Saddam Hussein was secret best friend to Osama Bin Laden, or for those that still believe there’s a nuclear arsenal under Baghdad, it’s all worth it.

Just keep in mind that while you as a taxpayer likely owe $1000+ for this little war of ours, your share of the annual federal budget includes only $70 or so for NASA to support space exploration, only about $50 to try to ensure that children have proper nutrition, only $30 for AIDS research, only $2 to try to help stop violence against women and only about $0.25 (twenty five cents) on programs to rehabilitate youth offenders in hopes that they can be productive members of society someday. (Tell me again why those pesky Europeans call us warmongers?)

But don’t worry, the Iraq war isn’t the only big number in your personal share of the federal budget. Your share of the tax responsibility does include about $500 in corporate welfare.

In any case, I’m sure the Iraqis are all very inspired by this to get started building their American-style government. Well, as soon as we let them vote on something, that is. We can’t do that now because we don’t approve of the things we think they’d vote for… so we’re going to hold off on giving them democracy until they’ll vote “properly.”

Let freedom ring.

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