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Contrary to what some people…  §

Contrary to what some people here would like to think, life at the University of Chicago is not all that different from life at the University of Utah (and neither are the academics). If anything, it’s just a lot smaller. And it doesn’t sound like Chicago is all that cold, either. Since I’ve been here it’s turned from sort of summery to fall-like and a couple of those same Chicagoans who told me that Utahns are wimps are already walking around in long underwear in every class I attend (And it’s not cold yet at all, it’s like 40 or something… not even hat weather yet.)

One lovely person I know told me that they make it down to -10 around here and that’s about the extent of it in average wintertime. Sounds like your basic winter, hmmm? We do that on U/U campus every year! Bah! I’m thinking hot drinks after brisk walks in the cold between classes. Sounds like I’ll be fine.

Good thing so far: nice film series just over the Ida Noyes pub. They actually showed Pather Panchali. Heh… I don’t know exactly what that’s good for now that I’m in the Social Sciences rather than film/criticism/language, but it’s somehow cool to know that I can get the same film experience here that I got in OSH on U/U campus.

Bring on the grey Indian children! Woooo!

Undercurrent of thought: why the hell did I go to grad school? Anyone want to explain to me why I have to get a bunch of graduate degrees to feel whole? Or promise me what I will actually feel fscking whole once I have them? Damn, I wish I hadn’t asked that.

I haven’t had nearly enough time to shoot the local scene yet. On the other hand, I don’t have nearly enough money in pocket to comfortably travel the local scene yet. I got the fscking plastic, but unfortunately right now that’s pretty much all it is.

I somehow feel as though this is the least insightful entry in a long time. I think Chicago is making me too damn cheerful. It’s all these crazy people telling me “Good morning!” all the time.

Dammit, I miss my guitar. But I don’t really want it sent here either because I don’t know how I’d cope with having it hanging around all the time.

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