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Monthly Archives: November 2003

commentary desired commentary not provided…  §

commentary desired

commentary not provided

now i have no way to understand what is going on

nevermind i’ll just go over


“HA!” …  §


Hitchcock special effect or King…  §

Hitchcock special effect or King of Pop? In the 21st century, it will be impossible to tell!

You can sense a sad story… even if you don’t know quite what it is.

It’s a funny, funny, lovely…  §

It’s a funny, funny, lovely world.

Now if only I was a better guitar player…


“…see how easily it all slips away…”

some  §

Some days are better than others.

Everything… everything is beautiful and……  §

Everything… everything is beautiful and…


Sometimes…  §

Sometimes you just have no idea.

Smashing…  §

I listen to Obscured and I imagine the snow that has been falling in Salt Lake City all week and it tears me apart inside. I am missing it. Even though I don’t belong there, I belong even less here.

Perhaps I belong nowhere.

Midterms nearly complete. By Friday all will be back to “mundane” status. In the meantime, I am bothered by stress and worry.

In 2003, rock stars are better than academics. They bring more people joy.

“And I knew… I was close to you…”

Somewhere here there is a litte bit of lighted palm tree — a little bit of lighted neon, if you will, and concepturally… I sit underneath it, drinking a bottle of Merlot…

It is probably more important to speak a little bit of French and a little bit of German than to go to graduate school. The two best songs in history are Hey Joe by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and In My Life by The Beatles.

On the other hand… The “heartland of the winter” is everything, everything, and I dare not challenge its supremacy…