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No net? Suck.  §

So the building I live in doesn’t officially provide free wireless Internet access to the rooms, but only to a common area on the ground floor. However, by a quirk of fate, I happened to get a room that was more or less directly above the wireless access point, so from my 4th floor room I was getting wireless Internet with no trouble.

But they’ve been remodeling.

And yesterday they moved the access point. Now I get nothing in my room. Shit. This means that I will either have to hang out on the ground floor all the time and compete for a limited number of electrical outlets or actually pay like $60 a month for DSL if I want to use the ‘net.


I haven’t worked a freelance job in quite a while now. I think those fscking Danes have made me gun-shy. Maybe I should have sued them.

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