Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Post Mortem for Wednesday  §

Jesus christ, all these people who know me trying to tell me who I am. I hate running into people and dealing with their expectations of me.

Me & the SO googled Aqueous & the electaboy. Oh sorry, electaman. The hot lover. (Everyone likes to say the term hot lover.) Burlington city council people do make national news tickers! Then:

1. Half of class. Spaces of neoliberalism? What?

2. Some text messaging. Now that I have an unbroken phone, and no Internet, I will become a junkie.

3. Ex Libris. Food and drink.

4. Fixed a certain broken bit of the blog that I’m sure Aqueous noticed.

5. Working on the paper that’s due tonight before midnight.

Oh, guess that means I gotta go. Shit. Welcome, Aqueous!

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