Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Christ and other crucifixions hot and cold…  §

Jesus… I don’t get things like this:

Me: “I should let you go, you’re busy…”
Others: “No, no, I wanna talk, let’s talk…”

Others: “Mmm… I should get going, I’m pretty busy…”

Were they the wrong three words? I mean… why? And of course posting this is bad behavior… I hate bad behavior. Bad boy. Bad, bad boy.

Don’t nobody tell me that I’m playing at being Jesus Christ only my ennui isn’t as great as his world-crushing existential pain and it’s blasphemous and all that, I’ll take your Jesus & nail his ass up somewhere so that he can’t compete with me for sympathy and for taste.

Who killed the Kennedys? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you, all right.

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