Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The mean people and the things that they get up to.  §

All classes for winter quarter 2004 are over. You would think I’d be as emotionally invested as ever in my continuing to edge ever closer to a life in post-acadamia. But I’m not. I don’t feel all misty and I didn’t go and have myself a celebratory cigar or anything of the sort. In fact, I wandered straight home and hit the sack because I’d got up too early after spending all night analyzing films that I own and love.

Things I did today that probably weren’t as nice as they could have been:

  1. Didn’t return a magazine I borrowed from a classmate, even though this was the last day of class and they don’t come to campus often. I was too bored to put it in my bag.
  2. Acted incredibly disinterested toward a friend’s visiting parent who was trying to tell me they were leaving. I didn’t even look at them or say goodbye, I just said, “Have fun.”
  3. Didn’t hold the door for someone who obviously expected me to. Instead, I turned my head right back around and let the door slam behind me.
  4. Told the guy at the DMV that their system was fucking stupid, even though he helped to look up my driver’s license record and tell me that the renewal had gone through.
  5. Scared the shit out of two squrrels who were fighting over a piece of food-covered styrofoam.
  6. Didn’t return an urgent phone call from a family member.

That’s not too bad, actually, for an entire day. I feel a lot better now.

I don’t feel all that healthy today. In fact, I feel distinctly unhealthy. I need to get back to living the way I have been the last few weeks, instead of living the way I have been this week.

I also need to clean up my space and get my papers done so that they don’t weigh on me.

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