Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

One day spent researching. One day will be to write.  §

I didn’t write so very much. But I did do an exceedingly large amount of research. Therefore, the day was not wasted. I have exhausted my mental capital, my fake functionality, my end-quarter mind. I have walked home in the dark. I am numb. Maybe I am dead.

I am going to withdraw into the 4th floor womb, swim in Alandia and soft blue light, and forget what I can. Bis spaeter, world. Maybe you will go away while I’m not looking.

Tomorrow: papers.
Day after tomorrow: papers.
Day after that: papers.
Day after that: papers.
And that: papers.

There is nothing in me, there is nothing outside of me. There is nothing.

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