Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

If it gets you down well then Ill take it  §


walked six miles, mostly carrying boxes, love your hate, trust no-one, spend your cash on booze-o-hol, saw too many people to wave to and one thing not understood, wanted to hit things, didn’t pay the fucking surcharge, got my flight info, ate pseudo-mexican , didn’t violate someone’s line, talked about theses, didn’t care about theses, found out about leading discussion on friday, decided to kill someone, couldn’t get up the balls to kill someone, drank instead, there is no such thing as a pina colada slurpee in this neighborhood to add booze-o-hol to, will have a pina slurpee plus ciclon once landed in new zion

i am trying so fucking hard

fuck . you . all

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