Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

you’re talking in a most peculiar way  §

I tried to improve my mood by listening Something Happened To Me Yesterday by The Rolling Stones, but it just made me want drugs.


What a “white-collar” career is good for:

– Alienation
– Isolation
– Cynicism
– Dollars

What dollars are good for:

– Guns
– Gasoline
– Porn
– Televisions
– Vending machines

What vending machines are good for:

– Three bottles of Aquafina
– One Pepsi
– One Mountain Dew
– One bag of chips
– The American Way of Life

What the American Way of Life is good for:

– Nothing

We live in a culture of killing. Unless it is human, white, and Christian, it is both edible and available for use in tasteless jokes or nude-hood-jackoff-prison-photography. I try really hard not to hate the Male White Corporate Oppression because so many people I am related to are a part of it, but I’ll be damned if I don’t just want to puke glass shards when I see Dick Cheney or Billy Gates in a photograph.

This world has already gone to hell. Dick and Billy have read their Milton. The rest of us are stuck somewhere in Dr. Seuss.

Three months from now I will be sitting in a dark room somewhere feverishly working over a photo of something I just took. Three months from now I will still not be making a decent living with my photos. Three months from now I will still be doing something I don’t like to make a decent living. Three centuries from now none of this will fucking matter at all because I will be DEAD and LONG FORGOTTEN and rotting in a box somewhere ALONE.

“Someone says there’s something more to pay
For sins that you committed yesterday
It’s really rather drippy
But something oh so trippy
Something happened to me yesterday

He don’t know just where it’s gone
He don’t really care at all
No one’s sure just what it was
Or the meaning and the cause

Someone’s singing loud across the bay
Sitting on a mat about to pray
Isn’t half as looney
As something oh so groovy
Something happened to me yesterday

He don’t know if it’s right or wrong
Maybe he should tell someone
He’s not sure just what it was
Or if it’s against the law

Well thank you very much and now I think it’s time for us
All to go. so from all of us to all of you not forgetting
The boys in the band and our producer, Reg Thorpe,
We’d like to say ‘God Bless.’ So, if you’re out tonight,
Don’t forget, if you’re on your bike, wear white….amen.”

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