Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

running on god-knows-what  §

I have been insanely productive today, and I will be yet more productive before the day is out. I don’t know exactly why, maybe I’m hypo. It doesn’t feel like it, though. But then I can’t really tell what I feel.

Working this hard when I should be moping is, to steal a Blixa formulation, strange to my nature. Yet I’m doing it. I am fighting my borderline tendencies with a violence and vehemence usually not acessible to me. I don’t know exactly what’s different today from yesterday, but something is definitely different.

I still don’t particularly like packing; it’s always sad. I need to own still fewer things and put down still fewer roots in places; then I will be correspondingly less sad.

If I never form attachments to anywhere or anyone or anything at all, I will never have to be sad again!

I want to kiss my girlfriend a lot before she goes on the road, but reality says I’ll probably only get to kiss her a little.

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