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I am averaging over 400 pieces of SPAM a day. Yesterday I closed my computer and left the coffee shop at like 2.00 in the afternoon. Now it’s like 10.00 in the morning and I already have over 400 pieces of email in my mailbox, and only two of them are actual email, the rest are all crap.

On another note, I want to live in a place where everything is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If I feel like it, I want to be able to go and buy a new set of hard drive cables, an applie pie, and a set of tires at 3.14 on a Sunday morning in mid-February. Is there anywhere on the planet where this is possible? People always talk about big cities, but in my experience big cities aren’t all that much better about hours. Somehow I also wonder if this is compatible with my supposedly anti-capitalist stance.


Oh well, you can’t be internally consistent all the time, unless you’re a mute Jesus or something.

On another note, there’s this whole California “thing” that I just can’t get the hang of. People here actually talk to each other on the street, and loudly — half of the time they yell — and they have these big smiles on their faces and run up and slap each other on the ass and grab each other and they say potentially insulting or touchy things, but they deliver them in such a way as to make clear that it’s a joke, and everyone gets it, and everyone talks as though everyone is familiar with everyone else.

In the neighborhood where I grew up, just making eye contact with someone not in your crew could get you beaten up or shot, and even half of your own people were jumpy all the time and ready to kick your ass. I don’t know if I can ever get used to this kind of social interaction. I know I’ll probably never be able to do it; it just feels strange and foreign to me. I feel more at home in the midwest, where everyone is just a bit more reticent and restrained and formal.

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