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kill the christians, muslims, and jews  §

Abraham, you bastard, your people are responsible for pretty much all of the misery on Earth for the last thousand years or more.

So I think it’s time to start persecuting and killing members of all the Abrahamic faiths — Christians, Muslims, and Jews. They keep fucking with secular policy and leading the rest of us down paths to war, prejudice, ignorance, and environmental degredation. They don’t appreciate anything secular science does for them — not medicine, not transportation, not electricity, not communication, not entertainment… They just want to fight, fight, fight, and claim that nobody else knows anything.

Let’s just do away with these motherfuckers violently, like the world used to. I mean, these wacky Abrahamic believers expect it anyway, they’re always sure they’re being persecuted in some way or other, no matter what anyone else does. In fact, it makes them all happy when we kill them — Christian, Muslim, or Jew. When we kill them it proves to them that God is real and that they really are God’s chosen people. Hell, they’re all gonna be rewarded in heaven for being killed and persecuted in the name of Jesus or Allah or Yaweh, right? They want it! We’re giving them the upwardly mobile advantage in the afterlife when we kill them. It’s a favor.

In the meantime, we can stop the insanity, fix the problems the world has endured thanks to the neverending squabbling of these stupid religions, and get on with things.


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