Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

the oncoming crisis?  §

An impossibly rotten night. It’s early and I went to bed late, but I’m done — I want out of bed. I must have waken up fifty times, tossing and turning. I had one long, continuous dream that bridged each of these interruptions. I wouldn’t call it a bad dream so much as a reckoning, a ledger of my past and present.

The result, after having waken up, is the realization that I am right now as forgotten as I have ever been, and this state of affairs will likely continue well into the future. It is the existential angst of adulthood, staring me full in the face.

I suppose middle age is about time to start worrying about these things. In a few weeks, I’ll be twenty-nine, so it probably shouldn’t suprise me that I begin to want to build my castle — that I begin to measure compulsively.

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