Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

brain decay  §

I have spent all day using the career sites. I found my way into the University of Chicago’s alumni careers network and placement office index with Monster. I’ve applied for a pile of positions and have set in motion the process of building a file suitable for landing a college-level teaching position.

To do:

1) Update credentials file somewhere (whether Chicago or Utah, I haven’t decided yet) and get current transcripts and writing samples in there.

2) Get the great people at my department and profs at U/U and U/C to give me two sets of recs, one for teaching and one for the Ph.D. program applications that will go out in the fall.

3) Discuss locations/jobs/blah/blah/blah with Girlfriend.

4) Sleep for a while because I’m supposed to enjoy a night of merriment and poker later on.

I gotta find work, I’m broke. I’m really qualified to do a whole hell of a lot of stuff these days. It’s pretty damn cool. But navigating the “job search” world isn’t so amazingly cool.

Time to call it an afternoon.

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