Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

some success  §

I think I have just come up with the basic framework for my dissertaton argument. It’s something I’ve been grappling with for a few months now, and it all just came to me, pouring out through the keyboard. Now I just have to get down to cases… methodology and the nitty gritty and all that sort of thing.

But at least now I know what I’m looking at and can begin to figure out what programs and what people look best to me. Excellent. Good. Cool.

Still no job. Still in personal and financial turmoil. But at least feeling as though I’m marginally productive. Hoopla.

Note to the people offering internships: I don’t appreciate your making it more difficult for me to sort through internship listings. Basically, yes, I’m interested in an internship, but only a paid internship. I am not wealthy. Offering $100.00 a month for “expenses” in D.C. just to make it into the “paid internships” category does not make me any more likely to take you up on your offer, it just makes the search more difficult for me.

You might as well just offer $0.01 for nine months and call that a “paid” internship. Hell, let’s do away with the category all together so that you don’t have to admit that you’re different from internships that actually support people. Hell, force them to look at you, right?

Maybe it’s time for new categories: “Minimum Living Wage” Internships and “Volunteer” Internships. At least then the categories would be marginally helpful to seekers.

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