Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

life, and the way it rushes past you  §

I can never figure out whether having an online diary compresses or elongates my life, or whether it is an isolating force or a communalizing force for me. But here it is.

Life right now (and indeed, I suspect, for this entire year) is going to be very odd, very ephemeral, very accidental. That’ll make nearly two years in a row by the time Fall ’06 hits that I’ve been essentially a leaf in wind, my life being decided by outside forces.

After that, I’m taking life by the reins and will be willing my way to a tenured, respectable, financially stable middle age, and beyond that, a book-laden, smoky, whisky-friendly old age.

Yup, I can already see it down the road, and it feels familiar and warm.

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