Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

not so long until lunch or whatever  §

It’s been busy. The place picks up on weekends. It’s crowded and crazy.

Today I’m dying to be done with this assignment. Tomorrow I’ll be sitting around going crazy for lack of one. I have to fix my life.

Have I been blacklisted? Or is it just time for a new email account? I am beginning to wonder if everyone is filtering as SPAM everything that doesn’t come from yahoo, gmail, or hotmail. I just tried to send a message to my phone. Nothing. A whole bunch of emails sent to people that I’d at least expect a professional response from. Nothing.

I know that some of my emails are going to peoples’ junk folders. But maybe the majority of them are going to peoples’ junk folders. That would explain something about the difficulty of my job search and the lack of contact from nearly anyone at all.

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