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It’s happened. My e-mail has reached the point at which it is basically useless. I am using Bayesian SPAM filtering and spending hours a day sorting through SPAM vs. non-SPAM, but the last few days nearly 75% of the mail I want to keep has ended up in SPAM and in the meantime I’m still missing messages that should be marked as SPAM. The volume is too high and the assholes are just too good at what they do anymore.

In the last 48 hours I received over 1,200 messages of which about 1,190 were SPAM. Only about 1,000 of these got routed to my bulk mail folder, meaning that I still had to sort through nearly 200 messages by hand. Meanwhile, I am now in the position of having to go into the 1,000 that did get routed to SPAM and search through titles and senders for mail I want that may accidentally have gone there. About five messages were thus misrouted, including mail from personal friends and family members.

I don’t know how many I might have missed. When searching back through 1,200 messages, there’s only so much you can do… you’re basically eyeballing it. I’m spending hours every day sorting through SPAM and I’m still losing personal mail. I give up.

My primary email address will soon be changing. Those of you who email with me sometimes will notice it. The old one will still work, but you’ve just heard about your chances of getting through to me on it. Hopefully a new address that isn’t so old will give me some better chances with the filtering.

I hate SPAM. I mean, just last night I discovered that I’d been called back to interview for a job I really wanted way back in November. And I never saw it… because it went into my SPAM folder along with a batch of about 2,500 messages representing half a week’s mail download.

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