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If I hear one more conservative commentator call the man “Osama Bin Obama,” I’m going to shoot somebody. It’s not only racist in its intent, it’s racist on its face, conflating all non-white peoples together. Fuck you, Limbaugh.

Okay, I’ll try to explain it to you, people.

Social Security is not supposed to give you a return on your dollars. It’s not an investment plan. Long-term investment of your capital is what (gasp) investment plans are for. Social Security is designed to take from those who can afford it to ensure that those who can’t afford it don’t starve or end up homeless and naked.

That’s right, it takes from the rich to give to the poor. It is, was, and was always intended to be, a socialistic plan that provides insurance to society against hunger and poverty, especially for those who are unable to work. Do you expect a good return on your insurance premiums? No. Do you expect to get them back if you don’t need them? No. Your insurance pays out only when you need it, and probably never if you don’t.

Social Security is there to help you if you ever need it, not when you want to get your money back out, with interest.

Privatizing Social Security recreates the precise problem that Social Security was designed to solve — the problem that rich people can invest their money and have comfortable retirements, while those who are unemployed or can’t work… can’t. Turn Social Security into an investment plan where everyone gets out what they put in, and once again the wealthy will live comfortably on their returns while the poor and unhealthy, who couldn’t contribute, will starve. Social Security privatization with mandatory witholding is little more than state-mandated participation in capitalist exploitation.

And once the wealthy are all getting great “returns” on their “Social Security investments” in fifty or a hundred years, and the streets are (gasp) swarming once again with unemployable, aged, and injured homeless and hungry panhandlers and vagrants because the social insurance system is gone, society will again discuss creating a socialistic insurance program that takes from those who can work and who can pay to feed and clothe those who can’t do either… or at the very least society will end up paying for additional enforcement to keep such people out of sight and off the streets where the crimes of poverty are committed.

Do you see? One way or another, you’re going to end up paying for the poor people if you can afford it… either to feed them or to stop them from stealing your food. “Socialism” should really simply be called “life in society.”

Wouldn’t it be easier on all of you (including those who will end up homeless and hungry in the meantime, before the cycle comes full circle) if you just paid into the program and let it do its job — to promise those who aren’t able to work or pay their own way (including you, if you should ever be so unlucky) some means of survival?

Figure it out, kids. If you have extra cash, that’s what the stock market is for. But Social Security is insurance against abject povery, for you and everybody else as well. You’ll get it if you need it. You’ll help out if you don’t.

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