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the f’ing joy of fax  §

I already spent $$$ applying for a particular education job.

– $$ to send a credentials file containing recommendations, grades, etc.
– $$ to send multiple copies of application, diversity statement, equivalency, etc.

Then they call me yesterday and it turns out that half of it arrived all mangled and illegible. Great. So I re-fax one missiong portion at Kinko’s. Did you know that Kinko’s charges TWO DOLLARS FOR THE FIRST PAGE and A DOLLAR A PAGE FOR EACH THEREAFTER to fax? What a f’in racket!

Well, that’s nothing because then I called the credentials service about an illegible copy of a confidential file that they sent. I asked if they’d do me the favor of faxing a replacement, since they don’t have fax listed as a sending option anywhere in their materials or on their web site. “Sure, I’ll do you a favor and send it by fax. What’s the number?” asked the girl on the other end.

Well, they just emailed me a receipt. They charged me SIX DOLLARS to fax ONE PAGE. Jesus, I thought she was “doing me a favor.” Total now spent on one application: $37.35. That’s ONE APPLICATION, folks, and it doesn’t count the cost of just getting things on confidential file in the first place. I was thinking I was going to apply to teach ’05-06 at ten or twenty schools, but I don’t have $800 sitting around just wanting to be burned for job hunts.

How the hell can people afford to apply for jobs at this level?

I suppose this isn’t the case for the people who are being buried under mud, losing their houses, etc., but I find the rain to be very soothing. Sitting in a Starbucks and watching the rain fall outside while Susan McKeown plays (they finally changed the ambient music in here) is one of the nicest things I’ve done in a while. Starbucks is becoming, for better or for worse, my home these days.

I feel sad and sort of crazy, like I don’t understand or know anything. I have no idea what to want, what to think, what to do next. I have no idea about anything. I’m tired.

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