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miscellaneous post-president’s day crappé  §

It is really, really, really wet outside. It’s beautiful; the colors are beautiful, the plants are alive, and the sky is a kind of iridescent white rather than aggressive Los Angeles yellow. Unfortunately, it’s also quite cold and the house I’m staying in is not generally kept heated all day, which means that the droplets on the window are perhaps a touch too immediate.

Also, my camera is not weatherproof. I need a D1X, not a D70.

Speaking of, anybody who shoots Canon or Nikon pro and doesn’t use Adobe Camera RAW is wasting their investment. I hadn’t bothered to download the NEF update to ACR since switching from Canon to Nikon and had fallen into JPEG shooting once again, except for a small batch of photos I took a few weeks ago. Well, I finally got ACR reading my D70 raw files, and Holy Christ I’d forgotten what a difference ACR makes. It turns snapshots into gallery-ready proofs.

My fingers have gone icy in here just typing. It’s so damn cold.

I’m shocked and re-shocked at the way that people in California think that the other 5.998 billion human inhabitants of the world are all crazy and/or developmentally challenged, since they don’t think in precisely the same “right and normal and everybody knows it” ways that Californians do.

“If it don’t have palm trees, Hollywood, and blonde-headed ‘eastern-tinged’ hidden-sacred-Venus-organ integration colonic quartz crystal peace healers in it, it’s a backwater full of backward rednecks. Like those horrible no-man’s lands called ‘London’ and ‘New York.'”

The job hunt marches on. Still haven’t heard from my best prospect today. I have another interview at another place on Friday. I’m so tired of interviews at this point, of putting on the same little outfits and the same little smile and going and giving the same “firm, competent handshake” over and over again that I’m starting to think I should look for a nice streetcorner to panhandle on instead.

That way I could preserve some of my dignity and self-respect.

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