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First time I’ve used my own computer for more than three or four minutes at a time in nearly two weeks. I’ve got a pile of mail and SPAM to sift through. I feel like I’ve all but abandoned my blog in any substantive way.

This’ll all change, though, because I’ve taken on a moonlighting project, just in case I wasn’t fscking stressed enough already.

But truth is truth, and the truth is that I have – many – debts that need to be taken care of, so the more money I can earn at the moment, the better. Anyway, I’m living in a world of no guarantees and nothing expediently easy to live for, so I may as well burn it at both ends for a moment and try to collect some cash.

I really hate the thought of myself as a careerist, though. And after doing some resumé-reading of my own recently (having to classify them “yes, we’ll do business with them” and “utter loser”), I’m acutely aware of the deficiencies in my own career qualifications… because they’re similar to many of those that I came to see in others.

Oh well.

I gotta get me to work. But before that, I gotta spend ten minutes and relax.

Side note: my first paycheck from the new job is Thursday. I’m officially broke until then. As in, stone cold, can’t make a phone call at a pay phone, can’t afford a drink of water, can’t afford to step outside the house.

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