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why i hate capitalism by aron  §

Integrity. Tough thing to have.

They tell you that integrity is the most important thing.

They tell you that if you want to have integrity, you have to pay your bills and support yourself. That means that you have to have a job. They also tell you that if you want to have integrity, you have to tell the truth, to play it straight, to always say your piece and never pretend to be anyone else.

These two do not go together.

You can’t a) be honest and b) hold down a job so that you can pay your bills.

So, based on this oh-so-incredibly astute observation, fsck all of you and your integrity. I’ve been had, but no longer. I refuse to deny my own individuality.

I am here. I have opinions. I don’t like everything. I won’t die for any company. I don’t care about the shareholders. I’m in it for myself and those who comiserate with me, not for my supervisor’s bonus.

Also, they can take your money out of your accounts whenever they like, but you can’t stop telling them about your accounts because in order to exist or to have a job in our world, you need:

– Mobile phone
– Insured, gassed, working automobile
– Home computer or laptop computer
– Internet service and email
– Clothes that “demonstrate a basic level of professionalism in representing the company”
– A home address so that you can prove you’re not a vagrant

I will win, and when I do, it won’t be pretty. To all of you who are in love with the non-academy, who thought that the profit chase sounded good:

Yeah, I know you hate us.
We’ll put you against the wall, like we’ve done before.

Wait for it.

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