Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

singing the work song  §

It is sort of cool when your boss tells you that you’re indispensable, and always a step ahead of the game. It is not too cool to realize that you physically feel like death at the end of every day, and that if you keep it up you’ll probably take a year off of your life expectancy for every year that you work the job.

I lost my PayPal card. That sucks.

I’ve come to this coffee shop the last N nights in a row, and it has been packed to the gills every time. Now, tonight, there are a total of five people in here, and nobody outside. It must have something to do with finals.

The cheapest thing in this coffee shop is a can of V8 vegetable juice at $1.25.

I am so bored shitless waiting for this download I’m talking about vegetable juice.

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