Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

fame and fortune only go together in dreams  §

We live in a world normalized for discrete functional units whose boundaries are congruent with those of financial units. And personal identities are generally problematic for those functional units that don’t traffic in identities as trade.

What I’m getting at is that once again, I am getting the definite sense that my personal web site may be about to conflict with my professional life and my income potential. That’s not okay; I am unable to be one of the people who sublimates my individuality entirely for decades in order to participate materially in the capital economy just to be self-sufficient.

Cash and bodily survival are not good enough reasons for me to commit identity-suicide; but unless I commit identity-suicide, I may not have cash or bodily survival to enjoy the sense of moral superiority that comes from taking such a principled stand.

Oh well. I speak. I will continue to speak. If that makes me unemployable or unfit for public appearance without escort, I suppose I’ll have to transition into the identity industries.

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