Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

in the mailroom  §

In my first three weeks on the job since arrival, I have handled 796 incoming email messages and sent 407 messages by email. That means an average of 66 incoming issues a day and an average of 34 answers or resolutions a day by email. That’s in addition to meetings (of which there seem to be an endless stream) and phone calls.

No wonder I don’t seem to have time to do any of the work that the emails, meetings, and phone calls are actually about. Especially since I’m new and still only have a half-baked idea of what’s going on a lot of the time.

Heh… There’s an element of amusement to this. (But I do also want to do a really good job, at anything that I do.)

Today has been very, very busy. Probably the busiest day since I got here. I haven’t had much time to attend to my email today. That’s bad, because there are currently 18 of them red-flagged “for follow up,” some of them left over from yesterday, and they’re all things that are gonna take a while, so I’ve sort of put them off.

Guess they’ll have to wait until after the weekend.

It may be time (and I may be “old enough” now to get away with it) to start telling people “no” a lot more than I have been, or “you’ll have to wait a week” or things like that.

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