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gezus funking krice  §

I’ve been putting off filling up my car because a) it costs so god damn much and b) my cash flow still hasn’t hit any sort of stride whatsoever, but just now on the way to a coffee shop, my car started to falter each time I stepped on the accelerator. So, knowing that even though I only have $1.18 in my main bank account, I know that pumps only authorize for $1.00 and then send the rest through at clear time, and I have to get to work tomorrow as well, and I have money transferring into that account (should be done tomorrow), so I decided to fill up.

It cost me nearly $40.00.

I don’t drive a fucking sport utility, I drive four-cylinder european sedan!

So I get to the coffee shop and need to buy something in order to use the wireless. Cheapest thing = $1.75 plus tax, which I pay entirely in dimes.

Even with my “swank” new job that pays fairly well according to most standards, I don’t know if I can afford to live in this society.

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