Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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First Yale (who has given us G.W.), then Harvard (faculty no-confidence in the administration’s essentialist view of gender), now Columbia (stifling of any viewpoint other than the pro-Israel viewpoint)… Will any of our top institutions be left out of the conservative coup in which the United States is currently entangled, or will they all become mouthpieces for the moral underpinnings of the neo-crusades?

We have already shipped all of our manufacturing overseas, and much of our service overseas; we are a remnant economy of struggling intellectuals, cocky stockbrokers, rape-pillage marketers, and aryan-sectarian supremacist politicians selling our souls and the souls of our children into bondage on the currency speculation markets in order to fund an ill-conceived campaign of global aggression. Now it appears that we are not only content, but determined, to cede any attempt at struggling-intellectualism to foreign soil, leaving behind only the cocky stockbrokers, the rape-pillage marketers, and the Nazi administration.

In the end, the United States will be a nation of vicious, amoral, ultra-Christian, racist, undereducated, culturally illiterate middlemen wondering why the entire world has forcefully and determinedly written them off.

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