Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

hit and run  §

Long day. Some days are simply longer than others. They just hang around, unwelcome, as sun falls and the sky dims and you feel yourself aging, powerless to stop it, slow it, or even appreciate it properly.

I am getting older. I can feel it happening to me.

I heard a song earlier and afterward I was ten seconds away from driving my car east, due east, until I reached the other ocean. I want to live deliberately.

Somebody hit my car. I was at the pump filling up and a girl in a giant sport utility looked at me, backed up, smashed into my car, knocking my drink onto the seat, some things out of my glovebox, and the gas nozzle out of my tank. She looked at me for a brief moment, then sped out of the parking lot, making a right turn and disappearing.

I didn

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