Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

morning news  §

When I arrived this morning, someone had cleaned up my endless array of empty glass and plastic bottles. I’m terribly distracted by that fact, and by the sudden realization that I have 1,500 messages in my personal email box that I haven’t downloaded yet. I’m contemplating doing away with email altogether. I never read my personal box anymore, and I get enough of it at work.

My phone works poorly in my new apartment, nearly as poorly as it did where I’ve been staying. That sucks. I’ve been trying to buy stuff off Craigslist but in order to call any of these people I have to walk outside into the parking lot. I guess that’s better than having to drive downtown or something, but still…

I’m not happy or sad right now. I’m not anything in particular.

I just am.

I am losing my acute consciousness; in its place, little shoots of bamboo, shards of sunlight, and droplets of mist are filling the space behind my eyes. I am nowhere to be found in me. I am positive that my co-workers can’t see me right now. I’m invisible, a part of the atmosphere.

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