Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

s’pose this is life now  §

Sitting here in my apartment.

I’m remembering fondly things from the past. Like: I remember when email used to be cool, and it used to work, and I used to love using it. Or: I remember walking around U/U campus in the snow, talking about Hamsun and Dostoevsky. Or: I remember

nevermind. I don’t care.

I’m not prepared for this at all. I am and have been in denial and I’m trying to stay that way. It’s gonna hit me like six or seven tons of bricks on Saturday night. Then, it’ll all hit me again Monday morning. And again Monday night. Svck.

And I only have 1 channel on TV.

I gotta get more channels on TV.

I gotta get more channels on TV.

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