Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

better  §

I realized that someone nice had stuck some cash in my bank account, so I went and bought myself a housewarming party:

– a bag of ice and a bottle of that swank new blue-label diet coke
– a big mofuggin fan to stick in the window
– a cheap-ass DVD player that cost less than my cheap-ass television
– two reams of paper, to print out 1,000 pages of nonsense
– the entire susan cooper series, to read front-to-back tomorrow

Fan in window, DVD in player, ice in Coke, clothes off, I feel better.

Much better.

Muchass betterass. (I’m in California now, I have to learn the language.)

One last problem: the fan is loud as hell and I can’t hear a thing.

But that’s minor.

All good.

All good.

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