Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

svck  §

And so begins the latter half of the first week: anime GEICO ad on television, beer cans everywhere, clothes in need of laundering, a thousand pages of memoirs laying around me in need of assembly and editing and possibly even coherence, and a growing realization that I am ready to settle down and do something very long-term with my life.

I hate the west and western sensibilities. We are as broken and corrupt and soulless as they think we are. We are a sad, sick people, a sad, sick culture. The entire history of the west is a history of personal isolation, pervasive greed, relentless instrumental rationality, and hypocritical indignation.

We are our own slaves and we rape and whip ourselves daily, with a level of pompous seriousness that makes our flowing blood almost comical.

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