Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

on the public space  §

So. You hate it when people speak on their cell phone in public. You think it rude. You try to stop them.

Let me explain something to you: when I speak on a mobile phone I have made space in my day, distraction in the midst of my activity, whatever you may think of it, to speak to someone who I more than likely care a great deal about, otherwise I shouldn’t have taken the time to answer the phone.

You, cell phone complainer, I do not care about at all. Beyond the assumptions that can be made about strangers and the fondness that we lack for them, it should be self-evident by the very fact that I took a call in your face that I care about the person making the call more than I care about you.

So what exactly makes you think that I’ll be amused by or accomodating to your indignation at my speaking on a mobile phone in a public place in front of you? It’s public space and you are a worthless stranger to me. Shove it up your ass. The person on the other end of the call is more important than you as far as I’m concerned, and if they begged me to throw my drink on you I might just do that as well, no questions asked. What do I care about your clothes? I don’t even know you.

You have no more right to the air than I do. If you value your precious silence, stay the fuck at home. How dare you come into public space and presume, as a total stranger, to complain at me for speaking to whomever I wish to speak with?

From now on when any of you bothers me, I shall continue to talk loudly and distractedly in your face even after my call is over. If you don’t like it, walk the fuck away. If you demand peace and quiet, go sit in the lavatory, or crawl back into your hole at home and hide under the sheets where you belong.

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