Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

the truth  §

Over 100 prisoners have died in United States custody during the “War on Terror.”

Over 100 dead. Just three years.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of additional “ghost prisoners” around the world right now — prisoners who disappeared from their homes, family, and friends, and whose local communities believe them to have been taken in secret by the United States in the “War on Terror,” unofficially and without records.

No-one knows where they are. And of course, we as citizens still don’t have access to the list of who is in our “War on Terror” prisons.

For decades, we accused the Soviets and China because they tortured or caused individuals to “disappear” in the interest of national and domestic security.

Turns out we didn’t really have such a grounding in moral superiority after all. Surprise, surprise.

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